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If I could describe what kind of reader I am, I would hands down say I was an emotional one. When I read I want to fully experience the book, from the emotions coursing through the characters to reacting to the twist and turns of the storyline. I'm looking for those books that fire up my imagination and leave me breathless when it's over. It's for this reason why the reviews I write aren't so much what I think and are more on how I feel. My hopes in sharing my review in this way is that something will spark an interest and have you wanting to have the same experiences. This isn't to say I don't have issues with grammar, word choices etc. Trust me I do and most times all it takes is waiting for the story to grab hold for it not to matter. When I do include things about what I thought about the book (for example I've included comments about word choices and being too descriptive), I only do so because it directly affected how I felt. I hope this helps. Enjoy!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

His Perfect Passion by Raine Miller

His Perfect Passion
Raine Miller
Erotic Historical Romance w/ light BDSM

Darius Rourke has long desired the beautiful and mysterious Marianne, seizing the opportunity to claim her when her family falls on hard times. Darius intuitively understands Marianne’s need for direction and is willing to do anything to be the one to give it to her. What he doesn’t know is that submission is security for Marianne, helping her to cope with a sin from her past.

The wedding night confirms his virgin bride is the passionate woman Darius always dreamed she would be, but the more entangled they become, the harder it is for Darius to play the role of ‘master,’ for ultimately it will never give him that which he wants most of all—Marianne’s love. A confrontation is due for Darius and Marianne who must both face the fears and painful secrets threatening to destroy their fragile love, their future together, and the perfect passion they both crave.

Okay, I think this is the very first time I've done this with a review but I think this picture sums up how I feel about this book. Ready?

Yep, I went into this book hearing how amazing it was so I was somewhat prepared but seriously, the very INSTANT I met Darius Rourke, the sexy hero .... I was a COMPLETE goner!! This man felt like  he was dipped in decadent chocolate ... I was dipped in chocolate or heck, we both were because he was absolutely SINFUL!!  He was caloric!! He was swoonworthy!! He was masterful!! He was panty melting material!! It didn't take long for me to fall under his spell to where I was ready to follow any of his commands. In fact had you watched me reading, you would've heard me whispering giddily "Darius, tell me to say it. I will you know... I love you." This is the EXACT reason why I love reading romance and it just got better and better.

I loved the mixture of historical romance and bdsm. Now before you go thinking of lords and ladies wiellding floggers and chains, it's not like that. This was really light bdsm - think robe sashes to restrain and blind folds. The focus was more on the need to submit and dominant... to provide the needs of the other so that both were happy and fulfilled. I thought Raine did an outstanding job with it, the things Darius would say to Marianne making me tingle. I loved the way the author explained it and the limits she set within the story. It made for interesting dynamics between the couple, especially when it came to sharing feelings of love.

I adored this couple. Can you imagine how incredible it would be to find out the man you marry has loved you for what seems like your entire life? You have been watched over and protected. Things you said in passing carefully and lovingly remembered. It was enough to make me swoon to know Darius had always loved Marianne, he was just bidding his time before stepping in and making her his. The opening scenes were enough to make me feel like his gaze was on me, it was so easy to fall into the story and join the characters.

I loved the conflict and inner turmoil I found in His Perfect Passion. It reached in and grabbed hold of my heart, laughing and crying for both of them. Marianna has this terrible secret, one she hopes Darius will never find out because even though it takes her a while, she actually loves him and doesn't want to lose him. To know his wife is harboring something, something he can't fix and wipe away the sadness from her eyes, it hurts Darius. Oh gosh, it was all just so beautiful because all they needed to do is confide in one another but hey, what would the story be without the extra angst to make you really love the characters? The storyline was PERFECT for me as a romance junkie. It left me breathless and excited for more.

I would recommend this book to everyone without hesitation. Please don't let the term "bdsm" make you overlook this wonderful romance story. Love comes in all forms ... what's important is the journey and this is one I am so VERY grateful I didn't miss. Happy reading everyone!!



Raine Miller said...

Thank you, Bookish Snob for such lovely things said about my book. I am happy you enjoyed it. *wink* Makes writing so worth it for me.


Paranormal Opinion said...

Ok Bels, you convinced me! I've added it to my to-read list :)