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If I could describe what kind of reader I am, I would hands down say I was an emotional one. When I read I want to fully experience the book, from the emotions coursing through the characters to reacting to the twist and turns of the storyline. I'm looking for those books that fire up my imagination and leave me breathless when it's over. It's for this reason why the reviews I write aren't so much what I think and are more on how I feel. My hopes in sharing my review in this way is that something will spark an interest and have you wanting to have the same experiences. This isn't to say I don't have issues with grammar, word choices etc. Trust me I do and most times all it takes is waiting for the story to grab hold for it not to matter. When I do include things about what I thought about the book (for example I've included comments about word choices and being too descriptive), I only do so because it directly affected how I felt. I hope this helps. Enjoy!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

No Rest For The WICCA by Toni LoTempio

No Rest For The Wicca
Toni LoTempio / Paranormal Romance / Suspense

Communing with the dead is an everyday occurrence for PI Morgan Hawkes. A half-Wiccan witch who can commune with spirits of those caught between worlds, Morgan uses her talents to exorcise the trapped ghost or demon as part of the Paranormal Investigation Squad – until a string of murders with a voodoo slant prompts the Special Forces Agency to ask for her assistance. Someone’s killing pureblood witches- and the SFA’s convinced Morgan’s heritage (her father was a voodoo priest) could be instrumental in solving the mystery. Teamed with dashing SF agent Cole St. John – an Inheritor Vampire that sets her blood racing – the two of them fight their attraction for each other as they race to stop a madman from unleashing a demonic force upon the world.

When I finished reading this book, I was really tempted to send the author the dry cleaning bill for the clothes I ruined while reading it. I enjoyed this book so much, that I couldn’t put it down long enough to eat my dinner. So as a result because I missed my mouth quite a few times, I basically ended up wearing my food. So here’s a warning to everyone wanting to read this amazing book – wear a bib or better yet, don’t eat. You may end up famished but a little sacrifice is worth it because this book was something I couldn’t get enough of.

Where to even begin? I love the emotions that I felt when reading this book and how the story pulled me in. What fascinated me were all the details that came with the voodoo angle in the plot. I didn’t really know too much about it other than what I’d read in Dean Koontz books and the author did an amazing job describing it. At no time did I feel overwhelmed as I read it and it was done in a way that complimented the story. Too many times I’ve read books where things are over explained and I become bogged down with details to the point my mind rebels. With this book however, I read eagerly wanting to know more and as the author weaved it in through her story, it heightened my experience and how much I loved the story. It was a great story idea, one that immediately caught my interested and adding in the sexual tension between Morgan and Cole absolutely sealed the deal for me.

Morgan was such a haunted character that I immediately identified with. Nothing quite beats the burden of guilt we often place on ourselves when for all our good intentions, plans back fire and people get hurt. Morgan wasn’t quite comfortable with her heritage and I can only assume that when added to the tragedy of her partner’s death, it made it easier to deal with by separating herself and not totally accepting herself as a whole. Morgan had this wicked sense of humor and sarcasm and I loved how she had a comeback for everything. I especially liked how she refused to put up with anyone’s crap, at one point taking on a nasty co worker when he pushed her too far. I love watching her slowly putting her grief into perspective, something I’d recently had to do myself and seeing how she worked it out was insightful. I LOVED her with Cole through all the different stages of their relationships and way they bantered back and forth. She’s full of sass and again I found a character who doesn’t play the “Oh I’m a damsel in distress, come rescue me my fine knight” role. She spoke her mind and she thought for herself, something I’ve always appreciated.

I have a pretty intense infatuation... okay obsession when it comes to the sexy vampires I read and Cole St. John did NOTHING to help reduce it. If anything he added fuel to the flame. My gosh, this guy SMOULDERED and he had the whole seductive charm down to a science. Being a different breed of vampire – an Inheritor – he shares traits from both worlds and it made for interesting reading. I loved how he matched Morgan’s sass with his own and how he never stopped until he got what he wanted. He bought such an amazing intensity to the story that had it where I couldn’t read fast enough. He was so patient with Morgan, waiting and helping her work through what bothered her. He showed complete faith in her and it was little wonder that Morgan found herself drawn to him. But having said that I also loved the moments when his eyes would flash with strong emotion, when anger and a need to protective boiled just under the surface. I enjoyed every part of Cole – EVERY sexy part of him and he joins the ranks with all the other book crushes I have. At this rate I’m going to need to add another room to my imagination because it’s getting a little crowded in there.

I never wanted this book to end. It completely absorbed me with all the different twists and turns and had me always guessing on who the killer was. I loved the deviousness behind the murders and how it took Morgan embracing her voodoo heritage to help solve the case. This is definitely a book people will want to read because it has just so much offer, leaving the reader completely satisfied at the end. My only question now is – how soon can I get my hands on the other books the author has written. Happy reading everyone!!

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bethsheba said...

I just looked at the review for No rest for the Wicca
and it sounds like a book that would be fun to read,
I have not heard of this title till now look forward to
reading it.

SusanKMann said...

This sounds like a great book. Need to get it.