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If I could describe what kind of reader I am, I would hands down say I was an emotional one. When I read I want to fully experience the book, from the emotions coursing through the characters to reacting to the twist and turns of the storyline. I'm looking for those books that fire up my imagination and leave me breathless when it's over. It's for this reason why the reviews I write aren't so much what I think and are more on how I feel. My hopes in sharing my review in this way is that something will spark an interest and have you wanting to have the same experiences. This isn't to say I don't have issues with grammar, word choices etc. Trust me I do and most times all it takes is waiting for the story to grab hold for it not to matter. When I do include things about what I thought about the book (for example I've included comments about word choices and being too descriptive), I only do so because it directly affected how I felt. I hope this helps. Enjoy!

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Book Of Shadows, the Coven, Blood Witches

Cate Tiernan / Young Adult Paranormal

Morgan Rowlands never thought she was anything other than a typical sixteen year old girl. But when she meets Cal, a captivating handsome coven leader, she makes a discovery that turns her whole world upside down: she is a witch. Descended from an ancient and powerful line. And so is Cal. Their connection is immediate and unbreakable: Cal teases out Morgan's power, her love, her magick. But Morgan discovers too soon that her powers are strong - almost too powerful to control. And she begins to suspect that Cal - her love, her soul mate - may be keeping secrets from her ... secrets that could destroy them both.

Well. I managed to get through the combination showing the first three books of a long series. I remember reading the back cover at Walmart thinking, this really sounds like a good read. Curiosity struck again last night so I thought I'd give it a shot. I have really mixed thoughts and feelings about this book. I think the above book description sums up the main theme of the three books but to add to it, Morgan must face the lose of her best friend and the possibility Bree (the old BFF) has turned to hate and is trying to hurt Morgan. Something is happening with the break off coven and the story talks about some of the fall out. Ok having gotten that out of the way, I have to admit that about around the half way in mark, i must have repeated "This is just so weird" countless times. Some of it struck as just plain scary and I began to see the makings of a cult. Cal having just moved into town, invited a group of fellow classmates to go hang out and talk in a field and that was pretty much all he said. So people are hanging, everything is cool and Cal just starts talking about how he wanted them to help him with a Wicca ceremony/ritual and started setting up. No explaining. For those who didn't freak out and leave. He began the ritual, having them do all the movements and blindly repeat what he's saying. No explanation, no forewarning - nothing. AS I'm reading this I'm screaming "RUN RUN GET AWAY AS QUICKLY AS YOU CAN!!!" with the next thought "My gosh you are a stupid bunch of kids that you would blindly accept and do something that you have NO clue what it means?" Can you see the problem. A little further on (after another ritual where many don't know what's happening) everyone strips off naked and jumps in the pool. I'm like "WOAH" because it was such a shock. A further shock was that when Morgan stood her ground and turned to go home, the very naked guy she was secretly crushing on (Cal) picks her up and carries her into the pool. I'm no prude. I can see the excitement that comes from trying something new, something that is often a taboo subject. I just really found it strange that this was the way and style that the author chose to introduce a key element of the book. I kept getting the impression that Cal was some all knowing, revered leader who at one point was compared to learning from an "apostle" Nothing wrong with it. People feel what they feel. I just need to share that to me the whole set up was just bizarre. Another thing that bothered me half way through was that I read little evidence of a solid relationship between Cal and Morgan - it resembled that first "We like each other so we're trying to learn more about the other" stage.. the holding hand stage. Then bam!! After one of the few kisses shared, Cal tells her he "thinks" she's his soulmate. Blew me away because it literally came out of nowhere because there had been no sign of passion before hand. This was about the time that I stopped and wrote the blog on my front page. I was unsure whether to continue. I hmmed and harred. And decided to continue. The second part was actually better and I was glad I preserved. The plot picked up and I began to become intrigued with the new characters being added, the suspicion implied on key people and a general sense "I wonder what's gonna happen next". It sucked you in and held you're interest. It wasn't so much the relationship that was the focus, at least with me, but the events of the story. Who was the mysterious Hunter and what did he want from Cal.? (by the way, how can you not be intrigued by someone with such a sexy name) Before I knew and definitely before I was ready, the book ended and I felt like I had only scratched the surface. I immediately got on Amazon and ordered the next 4 books (I really hope I'm not being too optimistic) I really liked the story. I think what threw me was that first ritual where no one had a clue, had been basically thrown into it with no explanation and it didn't seem to be inappropriate to Cal. Yeah I think that's what bugged me the most. But if you choose to read it, do it. Maybe it won't bother you like it did me. (I have been told that I can be really picky about what I read - hence I'm a book snob) But after it's all said and done, it is worth checking it out and persevering through the weird part. It's funny and as you continue reading is very entertaining. An extra bonus - you learn that "bazongas" is a new word to describe boobs. That got a great big bellow from me.

Ratings : 4 stars and 3 hearts

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